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The Black Hat will serve as a local innovative artistic space; providing contemporary gallery space, artist studio space, resources, and art supplies. The event also offered live screen-printing by Tour Printlocal company created by a team of designers, brand experts, merchandisers, and artists.

The Black Hat project launch party also featured a special appearance from local street dance group Soul Trigger and Supreme Beings. I had the opportunity to work with arrexskulls on a 1min highlight piece. Thanks to everyone involved! Josh McQuaryalso known as McMonster tinymikewas also involved in hosting the launch party. New Mexico artist VELA provided event attendees with live art painting, showing his process while creating a Hawaiian-inspired piece.

His intricate usage of color, imagery, and geometric symbols creates a unity of nature and spirit through aerosol. All funds collected from the The Black Hat project event go towards a space where artist and supporters can call home and continue to support artistic progression in Portland.

What We Do.

black hat project

Street Art in Portland. Who We Are. Contact Us. May 8, EventsPortland Street Art. Portland Street Art Alliance. Special thanks to Lourdes Jimenez for covering the show and contributing to this article.Within it, he outlines the modes of thinking that are required to develop the best - and most balanced - creative ideas.

But constructively. For example, recently one of our teams was about to embark on a large and complex year-long engagement with a new client. However, this often leads to people overlooking some of the less positive times that inevitably lie ahead. Instead of working out what went wrong with the project after it was too late to do anything about it, we focussed on exactly that right up front.

This approach had breakthrough impact.

black hat project

The client and their senior stakeholders started to understand in much greater detail and with greater clarity the journey the business was about to embark upon. Unforeseen risks and issues were logged, actions taken to mitigate them, and major catastrophes were averted; all within a week of the project starting. Ensure that for every idea you attempt to undermine from someone else, you provide logical and rational reasoning for your position.

Deliver your points in a calm and detached manner. Ask people around you if they can see things your way. The purpose of black hat thinking is to make sure ideas are robust, not to prevent anything from happening. But it did take me a long time to work that out. So try not to be a black hat thinker all the time. Use your newly-acquired skills wisely, with compassion and respect for others.

What is black hat thinking? Critical thinking is powerful For example, recently one of our teams was about to embark on a large and complex year-long engagement with a new client. Share this Tweet this.Dave Burgess.

Black Hat Project Grand Rapids about 1 year. Photographer looking for Models. June Maker Notes My Black Hat photography project features female models in high fashion wardrobe and vintage black hats.

Capture Essentials: Black Hat Review Session

I have recruited several teams of talented stylists and I seek models to shoot in my West Michigan studio for high concept photography. About Dave Burgess Dave's speciality is studio photography with dramatic light. His clients are business people, individuals, and families. Dancers and athletes are favorite themes. He is proud to be mostly self-taught, and just recently turned to professional photography full time after retiring from a successful fundraising business.

He has trained with world famous editorial photographer Joe McNally, acclaimed dance photographer Allen Birnbach, and others. More recently, he was the photographer for the ArtPrize 9 Crowns of Courage project, which was one of the top five popular vote finalists in this prestigious event. Suggested Projects. Gabrielle Law Chicago 1 year.

Model looking for Photographers Photographers. Feb 23 - Mar 30, Jade Santa Cruz over 2 year. Dec 18, - Feb 14, Abby de Guzman Orange County almot 3 year. Dec 1, - Dec 1, Bryant Ramos San Francisco almot 3 year. Photographer looking for Models Models. Nov 4 - 30, Caleb Z. Church Philadelphia almot 3 year.

Photographer looking for Actors, Models Actors, Models. Oct 1 - Nov 30, Peter Roig Los angeles 3 year. Photographer looking for Models, Actors Models, Actors. Ariel Sam San Diego 3 year. Model looking for Models, Photographers Models, Photographers. Frantz San Francisco over 3 year. Alex Flores New York City almot 4 year.

Gabrielle Law. Chicago 1 year. Santa Cruz over 2 year. Photoshoots, Films, or Social Photoshoots, Films, or Social Media Collab.

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Abby de Guzman.When I started off my career in search engine optimization, I was 16 years old. We all learn to know better as we age, but you have to keep in mind that I was naive. Because if I spent all of that time and energy on legitimate search engine optimization tactics, I would have created a much larger long-term business.

Well, of course, every blog has content and a content marketing campaign… but they also have social media sharing buttons. From social media sites like Facebook, to Twitter and even LinkedIn… you see these social sharing buttons everywhere.

So, my internet marketing team and I created our own Twitter social media sharing buttons that people could embed into their websites. We called these Twitter sharing buttons: TwitThis you can see what the original site looked like below. How did it do? Well, so many people started to embed TwitThis buttons on their site that it caused the website to once have a Google PageRank of 8 and over 54 million backlinks. As you can see from the screenshot above, the site peaked at 54 million backlinks from 45, unique domains.

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The way that I spread the word about it was really interesting. I just went on Twitter, found all of the popular sites leveraging it and I emailed the webmasters something like this:. I noticed that CNN has been leveraging Twitter lately. Have you thought about asking your users to share your content on Twitter so you can get even more traffic and improve your click-through rate?

We actually created a free tool called TwitThis that makes this whole process easy. We provide you with a simple code that you can paste into your HTML so that your website readers can easily share your content on the social media site Twitter, which will help CNN get more traffic.

I took a bit of a different strategy when I was younger, I would only buy expired domains that were related to world history, as it increased the likelihood of.

Black Hat Project

One of the domains I acquired was called battlefieldbypass. It was a website that used to be related to the Civil War. When I acquired it, it had hundreds of link building ops and many of them were from government-run websites.See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles.

See the full gallery. Nick Hathaway, an extremely talented hacker who has gone astray, finds his way out of a 15 year prison sentence when parts of a computer code he once wrote during his youth appears in a malware that triggered a terrorist attack in a nuclear power plant in China. This opportunity will reunite him with an old friend but will also put him in the middle of a power game between the American and Chinese government as well as an arch villain hacker whose identity he has to find if he wants to keep his freedom and his life.

Written by ithia I must say when I watched the trailer for this movie I was skeptical, there are only a few hacker- movies that are enjoyable to watch. Sometimes I am wrong and the movie turns out to be better then I expected but not in this case. I actually got quite annoyed watching this.

Confessions of a Retired Black Hat SEO: 7 Crazy Tactics That Yielded Big Gains

The computer action looked authentic by using existing OS-es and interfaces but they still made huge mistakes. I could go on and on I did like the idea of the plot, too bad the execution was so terrible. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.Are you going to let this guy steal your contract? Perhaps this blog post will sharpen the pencil for some of the Black Hat savvy people and educate others who wonder what a Black Hat is.

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Black Hats are — at their core — business war gaming sessions. I am not advocating Black Hats for every capture. Black Hats are very demanding to do effectively. Consider the use of a Black Hat if you have a capture effort that is a major re-compete, a significant stretch target or a very large capture compared to your overall business.

black hat project

As is the case with any exercise the Black Hat must be well planned in order to succeed. First and foremost is who you engage to participate in the Black Hat. Exercising a careful selection process can make or break a Black Hat from the start. This may seem obvious, but the participants must have one or more of the following attributes to be effective in a Black Hat.

There are few if any people that add value to any given Black Hat. Is there ever a single person who is also the best person any job? People with something to offer are key to winning. Not everyone is a good fit for every job and every instance. Give them some roles relevant to why you picked them in the first place. At a minimum select a team lead. The team lead should be the person with the overall best relevant knowledge to the capture effort or at least the best experience to run a Black Hat team.

Who is going to eat your lunch? It is imperative to spend time and effort to research and analyze the strengths, weaknesses and possible strategies that may be engaged by all of the most credible competitors before you start the session itself. There may be some people out there that are positively brilliant and they can develop creative and plausible win strategies in the blink of an eye without the slightest bit of preparation.

However, the rest of us mere mortals have to work at this and work hard. Admittedly, I was the geeky kid in school who did his homework OK, maybe during the lunch period, but it did get done. Time invested in knowing your competition actually pays off. Check hubris at the door. Do your homework.Black Hat is the most technical and relevant information security event series in the world.

For more than 20 years, Black Hat Briefings have provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment. These high-profile global events and Trainings are driven by the needs of the security community, striving to bring together the best minds in the industry.

Black Hat inspires professionals at all career levels, encouraging growth and collaboration among academia, world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors.

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It represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications. Companies should adopt this document and start the process of ensuring that their web applications minimize these risks.

Using the OWASP Top 10 is perhaps the most effective first step towards changing the software development culture within your organization into one that produces more secure code. Also great voluntary guinea pig for your security tools and DevSecOps pipelines! With the next major release v He gave talks at dozens of local and global OWASP events and never tires to provide project collaborators and conference visitors with Juice Shop stickers and other merchandise.

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