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Give your cat a break and talk to one of our expert coaches in your new language for free. Introduce them to a new language because you can only hear baby shark so many times. Start fine-tuning your pronunciation from the very first lesson with our patented TruAccent speech-recognition engine.

I now feel comfortable enough to take on that task myself [and that] enables me to provide better customer service as well as help coworkers. Rosetta Stone is different because it works. Perfect your pronunciation with TruAccent —— our patented speech recognition engine.

Turn everyday objects into conversation practice with scavenger-hunt style challenges. Get back to learning fast by using the long-press gesture to review in your native language. Rosetta Stone has got it going on. How language is learned. Start today with a 7-day free trial.

Free Live Coaching Give your cat a break and talk to one of our expert coaches in your new language for free. See details. Free for Students Introduce them to a new language because you can only hear baby shark so many times. App Store ratings and reviews. Sound Amazing. Thrive in real-world conversations. Get out there. Online or off, our award-winning app speaks for itself.

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What Is the Rosetta Stone?

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A standout limestone fixture to add distinguished character to your yard. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? At Rosetta Hardscapes we believe in providing you all the products you need to get that final polished look your landscape project deserves. Check out our coordinating steps, caps, and coping to add the finishing touches to your new entertaining space.The software uses images, text, and sound to teach words and grammar by spaced repetitionwithout translation.

The software's name and logo allude to the an ancient stone slab of the same name on which the Decree of Memphis is inscribed in three writing systems. In a Rosetta Stone Language Learning exercise, the student pairs sound or text to one of several images. The number of images per screen varies. For example, the software shows the student four photographs. A native speaker makes a statement that describes one of the photographs, and the statement is printed on the screen; the student chooses the photograph that the speaker described.

In another variation, the student completes a textual description of a photograph. In writing exercises, the software provides an on-screen keyboard for the user to type characters that are not in the Latin alphabet. Grammar lessons cover grammatical tense and grammatical mood. In grammar lessons, the program firstly shows the learner several examples of a grammatical concept, and in some levels the word or words the learner should focus on are highlighted.

Then the learner is given a sentence with several options for a word or phrase, and the student chooses the correct option. If the student has a microphonethe software can attempt to evaluate word pronunciation.

Each lesson concludes with a review of the content in that lesson, and each unit concludes with a milestone, which is a simulated conversation that includes the content of the unit. The program immediately informs whether the answer is right or wrong.

rosetta stone

Through the Preferences screen, the student can choose whether a sound is played or not when an answer is clicked. At the bottom of the window, the program shows all the screens for the current lesson.

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If all answers for that screen are correct, the button for that screen turns green. If some answers are correct, the border of the button turns green, but the screen number itself turns orange. If all answers for a screen are wrong, the button turns orange.

This applies to all lessons except review and milestone lessons, which are treated as tests. In those lessons, the buttons for each screen all remain brown. In all lessons there is a button in the bottom-right of the window which can be hovered over to display how many answers are correct, wrong or have not been answered. Each time an answer is clicked, one point is given.

At the end of the lesson, the total number of correct, wrong or skipped answers is shown alongside the percentage of correct answers for that lesson. If too many questions were answered incorrectly, the program suggests the learner should retry the lesson.

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To use Rosetta Stone Language Learning, a student needs the Rosetta Stone application software and at least one level of a language pack. Language packs also have version numbers.

The version number of the language pack is distinct from the version numbering scheme of the Rosetta Stone application, and a language pack is only compatible with specific versions of the application. Version 4 and 5 are backward compatible with language packs developed for Version 3, but not older ones.To save this word, you'll need to log in. The word hieroglyphics refers to an Egyptian writing system that was unintelligible to later civilizations until an inscribed stone about the size of a coffee table was discovered over years ago in an Egyptian town called Rosetta "Rashid" in Arabic.

rosetta stone

The Rosetta stone, as it came to be called, held a key to the ancient writing system. Probably written by Egyptian priests in the 2nd century B. As a result, Egyptologists were able to decipher the symbols. Today we also use "Rosetta stone" figuratively, as we have since the early 20th century, for other things that provide clues or help us to understand something that would otherwise be undecipherable.

Sign Up Dictionary Entries near Rosetta stone rose-tinted rose tree Rosetta Rosetta stone rosette rosette plate rosetter. Accessed 17 Apr. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. What does capricious mean? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

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Rosetta stone noun. Save Word. Log In. Definition of Rosetta stone.Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly the biggest name in language learning. Over the years the company has built the reputation of being the household name of language learning.

You're probably here because you decided to learn a foreign language, you thought of checking out Rosetta Stone, but you wanted to do a little research before investing any of your hard earned dollars in the program. Well look no further This is the ultimate review of Rosetta Stone. In this post we dive deep into the famous course and examine the pros and cons behind their method.

We'll also take a look at the opinions of academics, polyglots, and beginners; as each will chime in with their thoughts on the course. Also at the end of the article you'll find links to our language specific Rosetta Stone reviews, where we take a look at how well Rosetta Stone works with a specific foreign language.

We worked hard to write a review that holds nothing back. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. Works well with simple grammar but not with more complex grammar. Rosetta Stone has recently lowered their prices, but their courses are still a little on the expensive side. Highly structured and walks you through a language step by step. Summary: Rosetta Stone is a language learning software that is now also available through an online subscription.

The Rosetta Stone method uses zero English to teach you a foreign language. Instead it relies heavily on pictures and audio to teach you through context rather than translation. For seasoned or serious learners are likely to be frustrated with the program though. Also the method can feel a little slow at times.

Rosetta Stone works better with languages that are similar to English, and it falls flat with languages that have little in common with the English language. Rosetta Stone is best for absolute beginners who have little to no experience in learning a foreign language.

Rosetta Stone is designed for beginners and casual language learners. Rosetta Stone is especially useful to people who have no experience learning a foreign language. It you use it right it can be an easy and effective way to get your feet wet.

Rosetta Stone works better with languages that have similar grammatical structures to English. Courses are designed and separated into bite sized chunks. Longer lesson pieces could take 30 minutes but most take minutes. The nice thing about this is that you can take it and leave it as your schedule permits. Rosetta Stone works better for languages that are closer to English.To access, simply select Unlimited Languages when you subscribe. Select a subscription: We offer 3 and month subscriptions—as well as a Lifetime option.

Payment will be taken until the end of the current period. I wanted to wait several months before writing a review. I have now been studying Hebrew for six months with Rosetta Stone. I bought the year-long program, and I am on track for a one-year completion.

I think you get a lot out of it if you put a lot into it.

rosetta stone

I study every day. The program is amazing!

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I had tried another program that was teaching me to transliterate into English first. I realized I am a visual learner, so just listening to audio did not work for me. But now with Rosetta Stone, I am reading the words in the Hebrew alphabet and understanding what I am reading. I awake in the middle of the night with Hebrew words and phrases running through my mind.

The pictures are enjoyable, and help me to understand words and phrases. My vocabulary is amazing! I think my pronunciation is getting better and better as well.

It is such a natural and fun way of learning. Right now, I am studying the past tense, and I thought it would be difficult, but I am understanding it just fine. The teaching on this app, I love. It's a great idea. I wish I'd went month to month at this point though rather than pay for two years.

It is the buggiest app I've ever used. In fact, it's so buggy the uncommon word "hate" comes to mind. I went all the way thru module three recently and got to the last lesson.

I get a pop-up that says, skipping ahead? You didn't finish all the lessons. I go back and look and sure enough, the Review lesson I'd done said I'd not done it. This particular one I knew I'd done You see, for the Review lessons, you can't retake and fix one card, it makes you retake the entire lesson! Guess what It apparently lost all progress. I ended up taking it two more times, finally getting everything right. When I finished, it said I missed one anyways.

I have another Review that I know I'll never get right because despite voice set to easy and having taken a year in college of German from a native German, it says I cannot pronounce one word.Join FlexJobs!

Sincethe company has provided individuals who want to learn a second language an easy and effective way of doing so. Rosetta Stone offers its eligible staff a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid time off, medical coverage, an extensive wellness program, tuition reimbursement, commuter benefits, paid parental leave, and unlimited vacation for salaried employees.

Rosetta Stone Jobs with Remote and Flexible Work Options

In the past, Rosetta Stone has hired for part-time, temporary, remote, and alternative schedule jobs. Leadership is continually looking for qualified individuals who are passionate about their work and about helping people change their lives with literacy and language education.

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the company has additional offices in San Francisco, California; Seattle, Washington; Boulder, Colorado; and Austin, Texas, as well as a network of international office locations around the globe. Working remotely as a tutor can be a great way to share your knowledge with others.

Check out these 16 companies that hire for online tutoring jobs! Looking for the best part-time, work-from-home jobs? To help you start your search, here are the top 30 companies hiring for these types of jobs. Flexible work options have evolved and grown in recent years.

rosetta stone

To celebrate this progress, the FlexJobs team is thrilled to announce the FlexJobs ! Join FlexJobs Now! Featured Companies are employers who have come directly to FlexJobs, been approved by our staff, and have directly posted their jobs to the FlexJobs site. Implementation Manager is needed for a remote opportunity. Candidate will coordinate, deliver, and track implementation and professional learning services to large K customer base.

Bachelor's degree and prior related experience required. A Latin American Spanish online tutor is needed to work on a part-time basis and facilitate online language classes and offer feedback for students with varied experience. Native language speaking skills are required; previous teaching experience needed.

Part-time, remote position. Will be responsible for facilitating a series of online language classes for beginner to advanced students. The ideal candidate will have a bachelor's. Will support learning needs. Facilitate a series of online language classes and provide feedback for beginner to advanced students.

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